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Golf is a very popular sport. It can be enjoyed well into retirement, is a great way to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the outdoors and many a business transaction has been said to occur on the course.

Golf is an athletic sport involving a game of rotation. We must be able move repeatedly, efficiently and explosively in order to hit the ball.

Muscle and joint weakness, stiffness and imbalance can greatly affect our swing. When imbalances occur in one area, another area will over compensate. This can cause overuse and therefore pain, aching and injury can result.

A golfer , who has had proper physiotherapy instruction in a golf specific stretching and strengthening program, will benefit greater from instruction from his golf pro. More efficient movement results in a more powerful and painfree swing and better golf scores.

Whether you are a seasoned golfer or just getting started , an exercise program designed by your physiotherapist to address flexibility, strengthening, core stability and pre season injuries would be beneficial. With proper education and guidance your fitness level can improve.

Now is the time to address these issues with a biomechanical assessment and treatment program designed for you by your local medical professional. Remember, it is much harder to break old, incorrect habits than it is to develop new ones.

By Faye Cronan BSC(PT)
Registered Physiotherapist