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Life's greatest pleasures are often the simplest ones. Why not enjoy the power of a garden's solitude to refocus, restore and revitalize your mind, body and spirit!

Gardening is a great way to keep physically active while boosting your creativity and helping to relieve stress.

While nourishing your creative side practise these gardening safety tips:

  • Proper stretches before, during and after gardening to help maintain flexibility.
  • Practice proper back care
  • Lift with bent knees, a straight back and tighten your core before lifting
  • Avoid repeated bending from the waist
  • Avoid heavy / awkward lifting
  • Work in comfortable postures
  • Try to keep the task directly in front of you and close to your body
  • Avoid repetative reaching and limit sustained or above shoulder reaching
  • Change positions and tasks frequently
  • Pace yourself
  • Make sure your gardening tools fit you rather than you fitting the tool. Is the length of the tool correct for your height? Is the grop and weight of the tool suitable? Remember, gardening should be a pleasure, a special gift of nature no a source of pain and frustration.

See a registered physiotherapist with an appreciation for gardening for further direction and treatment.

Call Women In Stride Physiotherapy & Health & Wellness Centre today regarding treatment and upcoming Perennial Garden workshops for captivating plant and colour combinations.